2016 San Francisco Gastroenterology Conference: A Guide To Meeting Professionals

If there is one thing that I enjoy about my career or profession, it is having an opportunity to meet new people who share the same interests that I have. It is such an honor to get invited in events, activities, and meetings that have a meaningful impact on the community that I am a part of. One of the most memorable events I attended in the past was the 2016 San Francisco gastroenterology conference. During this meeting, I was introduced to various individuals who have changed the way I understand the study of gastroenterology.


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For today’s article, our focus would be on the top strategies that every professional need to master when it comes to meeting new people. Keep in mind that no one becomes an expert in this aspect overnight. Here are the things that you must never forget if you want to be excellent in meeting fellow young professionals in public gatherings or events:


Avoid Making Judgments


The last thing that must be on your mind is sticking with your first impression against the other person. As much as possible, never make the mistake of judging him before you even speak to him.


Be Careful With Your Words


Once you have been introduced to the stranger professional, the best thing that you have to do is to be mindful of what you will do or say. Remember that you have no idea what triggers the attitude or personality of the said person. As such, you have to think twice before taking any step.


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Make Yourself Approachable


Another thing that you must never forget is the significance of creating an image to the public that you are approachable. Project an image that you are a friendly and accommodating person so that the other professionals in your community would be interested in establishing a connection with you.