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3 Essential Healthy Habits Mentioned In 2016 Brooklyn Digestive Disease Week

The 2016 Brooklyn Digestive Disease Week has emphasized that gastrointestinal diseases are lifestyle diseases which accumulate over time. Meaning, having a disease that targets the digestive system also depends on how we choose to perceive ourselves, how we take care of it conscientiously, and how we seek support from the people closest to us.

You do not have to fight alone and suffer in silence if ever diagnosed with such problems. Hence, here’s the most common and essential healthy habits that you must take note to live a disease-free life according to medical specialists.

Going Organic

Treatment on digestive problems is pretty much complicated if not given attention. To make sure that it will not lead to complicated situations like having a disease, it is good to go organic. One of the best examples for this is by eating a balanced diet. Incorporate the appropriate fruits and vegetables that are ideal for digestive disease sufferers. Since people cannot live without eating, it is important to choose what is beneficial for you in the future. It includes avoiding junk, artificial, and chemically processed foods.


Leaving All The Vices Behind

Cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, and unprescribed drugs are just one of the few things to leave behind for better health. Consuming these goods will not only make you sick but also will bring you to a worse condition. As a result of avoiding this, you will be able to open an opportunity for physical activities and exercise which are good especially if you have slow digestive metabolism.

Being Mindful Of Time

The most important of all the essential healthy habits is being mindful of time. It means that if you give value to time, there is a less chance that you would skip a meal. Not eating at the right time leads to digestive problems like gastrointestinal reflux and ulcer, so it is always important to eat even in small portions to feed your stomach and avoid those conditions.


Following the healthy habits mentioned above would increase the chances of living a long and healthy life that is away from any diseases. Life will be improved if we know what our digestive system and our body needs, so always be aware.

What Can You Do When A Loved One Is Sick?

Everyone has an instinct to take good care of someone special – whether it is a close friend, lover or even a family member. It is only reasonable for any person to want nothing but the best for the one he loves. As such, do not be shocked to know that you get affected easily when a person you care for is experiencing a severe illness or even a mental health issue. Keep in mind that what you are feeling at the moment is only normal. You are sad because of the reality that you care for the other person.




Finding out that someone dear to your heart is suffering from any form of medical condition or status can be heartbreaking, especially when you least expect it. You will find it a lot difficult to react because you have no idea where to begin. In this article, we are going to list down the different methods that you must consider if you wish to help a loved one that is sick with the gastrointestinal disease. Remember these tips:


Be Strong


Make it your ultimate goal to be the pillar of strength for the person you love. Remember that he is probably experiencing the worst things in his life right now. There is a high chance that he feels sorry for his current medical condition. Because of this, you have to exert more efforts to show him that you are strong enough to handle the consequences of his illness.


Keep in mind that you must never show your weak side so that the other person can still feel empowered to get on with his life. Show him that there is still hope left in this world. When everything feels wrong on his side, you must be the one to give him a different perspective. Remember that life is all about making better choices for you and the one you love.


Talk To Each Other


Let your partner or loved one know that he is not alone in this journey. Make yourself available at any time of the day. If possible, spend less time working in your office or managing your field business. Instead, choose to spend more hours with the other person. For sure, he will appreciate it the moment he realizes that he is the number one priority in your life.


The best or ideal thing to do is to make him feel comfortable opening up to you. Let this person understand that you can be a shoulder to cry on. When you are already conversing, be sure to show him that you are interested in what he has to say. Let him complain about his condition. All that you need to do is to listen to his stories.




Encourage Him


Your partner’s medical condition can be treated, as long as it has not become too serious or risky. Hence, there is no necessity for you to worry. Take note that the more stressed you become, the more difficult it would be for your loved one to stay in the family. He will start to feel like he is already a burden, which is why you need to encourage him at all times.


Find exciting activities that your partner can try despite the presence of his chronic illness or disease. As already mentioned above, show him a different world that is more exciting and fun than the world that he is currently in. Remind him that life is beautiful so that he will strive hard to get better. Most importantly, motivate him to get serious with his treatment procedures or medications.


Find A Therapist


Do you feel like your partner’s condition has taken a toll on your life together? Does this make you experience stress and anxiety on a regular basis? If you answered yes to these, then the best option that you can do is to take a break from your usual activities. Focus on caring of yourself because you can never help other people if you continue to feel lost.


Fortunately, on your part, it is now easy to find a therapist in a local community. This professional individual can help you deal with the trauma brought by the health issue of your partner. All that needs to do is for you to look for the best therapist in town who can handle your case. Once you have selected one, the next step is to book an appointment to this person so that the sessions can help you feel so much lighter about your condition.






At this point, it is crucial to emphasize that just because your loved one is sick does not necessarily mean that he is dying. Be sure to do everything you can to handle the situation in a mature way. Keep in mind that you are the one person who can control your thoughts and emotions.