Healthy Eating For Kids And Teenagers


Tiredness during exams is the leading enemy of students. There are several reasons why you feel tired. It is either you have had a lot of projects to do the night before, so you have no choice but to sleep late. You have crammed and tried to learn all your lessons in one night. Or, you have a poor diet.

No, the last bit is not a typographical error. Your diet truly affects your school performance more than anything else.

To improve your life, you should remember the following ideas:

Eat Foods Rich In Iron And Vitamin B

Iron is the mineral in your blood that fights anemia, while vitamin B keeps your nerves healthy. If you consume foods that are rich in both, your brain cells can function well, and you can concentrate more on your studies. What are those foods rich in iron and vitamin B, you ask? Some of them are chicken, fish, beans, cereals, and practically any green and leafy vegetables. They are great in strengthening your memory, as well as keeping you fit.

Avoid Too Much Caffeine


When studying for a big exam, try to avoid too much caffeine. More than the adrenaline rush that coffee or tea can give you, you need your brain to work correctly while still getting the nutrients that your body needs. Therefore, drink milk or fruit juices instead.

Eat More Than 3x A Day

We are always told to eat thrice a day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – but the truth is that we need to eat 5-7 meals in one day (in moderation, of course). Take a small meal every 2-3 hours so that your stomach will always be sated, and you are getting enough nutrients to keep you and your brain energized throughout the day. The best snacks to have are fruits, especially when you are studying because they are packed with natural sugar, vitamins, and minerals that your body requires.

Drink Enough Water

There are people, specifically kids, who prefer to drink fruit juices because they are tastier than good old water, and their parents let them. In their mind, such fluids have water, too. Although that is true, drinking water in its most basic, tasteless form is essential to get rid of the toxins within your body. You can alternate juices, milk, and water, but water should still be more dominant.


As a student, you do not have to go to the gym and spend hours there because then you will not have enough time to study. Before studying and having your dinner, you can walk within the premises of your home or visit your mom’s plants in the garden for some time. This way, you can digest your dinner faster. You can also study better when you exercise because working out keeps your brain awake and your muscles more relaxed.

Final Thoughts


Kids and teenagers alike need to learn how to eat healthy foods early. After all, it is one habit that you should be able to bring to adulthood to ensure that you will be free from illnesses.

Good luck!