How Your Weekly Meal Plan Affects Your Partner’s Gastrointestinal Function 

You are a reflection of what you eat. Whatever your diet might be, its effects on your body will show up one day. If you have a balanced diet, you will reap the rewards of it. Consequently, poor meal planning can make you prone to lifestyle diseases. You need to be careful about what you put inside your body. Moreover, if you are responsible for your partner’s diet, be extra careful when planning their weekly meals.  




Here are some of the reasons how your meals can affect you and your partner’s gastrointestinal functions in the long run.  


Lack Of A High-Fiber Diet Can Affect Bowel Movement And Much More 

If you and your partner love eating out in burger joints or pizza parlors, your partner might be missing out on essential nutrients essential to the body. Having a high-fat diet can slow down your body’s metabolic function. It is the reason why you are getting fat easier. Also, eating fatty food can make you more constipated. You will feel more bloated and get tired quickly. 




On the other hand, you can counter this by eating a high-fiber diet. A high-fiber diet can benefit you and your partner’s body on a massive scale. First, your digestive functions will normalize. You will feel lighter and less bloated because you will have a regular stool schedule. Fiber helps your stool to be more compact helping it will pass more smoothly in your digestive system.  


Second, you and your partner will have a lesser risk for diseases such as colon cancer and diabetes. Colon cancer could develop from a lack of fiber in the body. Therefore, having the right amount of dietary fiber daily cannot be disregarded.  


However, what is the right amount of dietary fiber needed by an average person daily?  


For starters, an average person needs 25 g of dietary fiber daily. This amount should be from food and not from supplements. Food rich in dietary fiber include oats, vegetables, fruits, and nuts, whole wheat, and brown rice. Be sure to incorporate this food into your daily diet from now on.   


Lack Of Proper Hydration Can Affect Your Body Too 

Are you the type of person who chooses coffee over water at any given time? Watch out! You and your partner might be suffering from dehydration without even knowing it. Be sure to limit your coffee intake to 2 cups a day. Amounts more than that can have adverse effects on your digestive system. It can make you acidic and make you prone to having acid reflux. 




Many problems arise from poor meal planning and bad food choices. Poor meal planning leads to obesity, lifestyle diseases, and reduced lifespan. To thoroughly enjoy life, you and your partner must decide to eat clean. The first step towards eating clean is to adopt a high-fiber diet and avoid fatty food. Be responsible for one another by keeping a healthy lifestyle as well. Your gastrointestinal system will thank you for it.