Relieve The Pain The No-Pill Way (Be Gentle To Your Tummy)

People who have had trouble with alcohol and drugs in the past and have changed their lifestyles and avoid popping a pill when they feel aches and pains.  They ease their discomfort more naturally because medicines can sometimes cause them more severe side effects.




Pills Can Make You Feel More Cranky

Ibuprofen can make you feel nauseous and may cause gastrointestinal bleeding and ulcers if used for more extended periods.  Taking acetaminophen can also make you feel dizzy and nauseous.  You may be sweaty and appear pale making you feel sicker. What’s worse, overdose from acetaminophen can cause liver damage.


Painkiller Addiction

Painkillers sometimes contain substances that have an addicting effect.  When in severe pain, and taking of painkiller cannot be avoided, be sure to see a doctor and let him prescribe the right painkiller and dosage for you. Be sure to follow as the doctor recommends.


Be aware of the signs of addiction

  • Running out of medication in an untimely manner
  • Trying to get pain medication prescription from different doctors
  • Deceiving the doctors about a need for painkillers


Pain is hard to ignore, but there are other alternative ways to help ease the discomfort.

Sports rubs.  Who says sports rubs are just for athletes? Topicals, muscle rubs, and pain balms are flying off store shelves.  They have been efficacious in taking some of the pain in the shoulder, back, tummy, knee, and other parts of the body.   You do not have to worry about damaging effects it can cause your body as these topicals will not enter your bloodstreams.  These muscle rubs contain menthol, camphor, and lidocaine that cools down the nerves causing the pain to lessen.   Chronic arthritis can be relieved by capsaicin cream which is very efficient in numbing the nerves.   These topicals have to be used daily, about three to four times a day and may take days to a week to feel full relief.



A cup of coffee can ward off headache symptoms.  Caffeine can both trigger and help alleviate a headache and migraine pain.  Coffee constricts the enlarged blood vessels that are causing the throbbing.


Putting a cold pack on the forehead or the back of your neck can also restrict swelling and ease the pain of a tension headache.


Yoga, stretching, and exercise will keep you moving, and these are helpful in lessening lower back pain attacks. They are also suitable for your joint pains (arthritis), cramps, and PMS.  Being active will require you to take fewer pain medications as it keeps your joints lubricated and strengthens the muscle around them.  Brisk walking is effective in warding off cramps.




The heating pad according to researchers can decrease the pain intensity by more than 50%.  It relaxes the muscles that are causing cramps and pains.


RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) method is being effectively used in physical rehabilitation centers.  Icing sore spots for 15 minutes every two hours lessen inflammation.  When the muscle gets more inflamed, it would mean more pain.


Giving your loved one a soothing temple or scalp massage is comforting especially after a long busy day.   It is better than popping up a pill.  Relieving your pain the no-pill way is being kind to your tummy and saving your liver of future damage.


At the onset of joint or arthritic pain or a headache, gentle and smooth yoga moves can bring you back to your normal condition.   Trying these alternative options do not only make you save money, but it also spares your liver.


The next time you’re in pain, ask your partner to give you a gentle massage with the use of topicals or let him join you in doing yoga to make it more exciting.


If the pain is just too much for you to bear, see your doctor and let him prescribe you the appropriate medication to relieve your pain.