Should GERD Patients Seek Online Therapy?

Many kinds of gastrointestinal diseases can affect many people. One of the most common is GERD or gastro-esophageal reflux disease. Another common term for this is acid reflux or heartburn. It is considered as a chronic digestive disease. According to a recent study, around 20% of Americans suffer from GERD. The effects of GERD usually take place at least twice or thrice a week.


If you are one of the 20% who is suffering from this kind of gastrointestinal disease, then be sure to seek for the help or assistance of an online therapist. At this point, you have to understand the fact that medical treatment is a great necessity. Therefore, the primary goal is to find the right antidote to cure the disease. However, it is also essential to take note that this kind of sickness can make a patient feel a lot of emotional disturbances. Aside from physical pain, you may also suffer from vulnerability, anxiety, stress and other mental health problems.


These are the top reasons why online therapy is recommended for people with GERD and other gastrointestinal illnesses:


  1. Takes Your Stress Away

“There are so many ways stress creeps into our lives, yet if we take control of our time and make proactive and healthy decisions, we can stop these negative cycles and truly take care of our mental health.” Sonja Seglin, LCPC said. Taking active participation in online counseling can be a big help in your recovery. Always put in mind that stress can put a set back in your recovery. The more you are stressed, the more difficult it becomes on your part to overcome the disease. As such, you must make an effort to talk to a therapist and try the online exercises available that can help you understand your situation and take away the stressors in your life.


  1. Helps You Become More Focused

Suffering from a chronic disease is difficult. “When stress becomes chronic, this narrow focus continues for a long time and we have difficulty paying attention to other things.” Dr. David Ballard, PsyD elaborates. There are times that you simply want to give up. First of all, finding the cure for your illness is time-consuming. It will prevent you from doing some of the activities you want to accomplish. Second, it can also lead to financial difficulty especially if you lack insurance. Third, it can also make you doubt your capacity to get better. To prevent all these from happening, be sure to talk to an online therapist so that you could become more focused on the recovery process.


  1. Makes You Believe In Mind Over Matter

“A good way to keep from destroying your self-esteem is by keeping negative self-talk in check. Catch yourself before you go spiraling down the hole of negative thought.” You’ll notice a big difference,” says licensed psychologist Cindy T. Graham, PhD. Whether you believe it or not, there is a connection between your thoughts and feelings? As you start to become aware of your emotions, you will also begin to gradually change your thoughts into something better. It will be easier on your part to think of fast recovery or bouncing off from the illness. This is important since it can help your body heal. At the same time, it can also decrease the anxiety that you are feeling because of the sickness. When this happens, your body will become more prepared for accepting the medications and showing the results.


What you are going through right now may be inconvenient and painful, but with the right help, you can change your situation into something better. Aside from getting medical assistance, do not forget to try online therapy for a more improved well-being.