Live, Love, Eat – Healthy Gut Means Happy And Healthy You




I belong to a women’s group called Deborah, and I can confidently say that our common ground is food – food for our soul and food for our physical body.

We meet once a week for Bible study, and what else is there to do after feeding our soul with the word of God – we feast!  Our pigging out time is happy and full of laughter (and sometimes tears) because it is also our time to share our stories, give our praises and thanks for surviving another week – may it be a week of trials, joy, or both.

Some of us will bring fruits and vegetable salads while others will pack finger foods, rice, meat, and kinds of pasta.  We are all adventurous when it comes to food, and so whenever a new food outlet opens up – whether a small coffee shop or buffet – we make sure to pay it a visit and try what they have to offer.   For us, FOOD is LIFE!




Live To Be Spiritually Healthy (Healthy Spirituality Is A Healthy Gut)

We live not just with the food we feed our body with but most importantly the food we feed our souls with.  Our whole being will reach its state of well-being if we care enough not just about the food we eat but our spirituality.

Spirituality is not just about religion or what you believe.  For me, it is about self-awareness, being aware of what is good and bad for the mind, body, and soul – the end-result of my religiosity.

Being aware of what is good and bad for you will put balance in all aspects of your life and will yield happiness, love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

When it comes to the matters of the gut, self-control is of utmost importance.  God gives us a lot of vast choices so that our palate will enjoy and be able to feast on everything He created – plant-based or animal-based – and it is up for us to choose.

Self-control will lead us to make good choices about food and will produce good results as we enjoy our healthy body.


Love Your Gut

A healthy body is a healthy mind, a manifestation that we love the one who created it and ourselves as much as we love what we eat.  Enjoying our eating time, slowly chewing our food, and giving our tummy enough time to digest everything means we care about our gut, not to overwork.

In one of our study sessions, we learned about breath prayer, a practice that if you do with your heart will become a natural part of your system like breathing.  Breath prayer allows me to focus and digest the spiritual food I take in to keep me going for the day.

Just like a breath prayer, proper breathing supplies our digestive system with enough oxygen so that it can digest the food efficiently and provide all the nutrients our every cell need.

A healthy mind is a healthy soul; a healthy digestive tract is the foundation of a healthy body.  It pays to love your gut!


Eat-In Gentleness

Functioning in self-control, choosing the food you want to eat, which will help maintain the ecosystem in your body, making your body healthy, enabling you to do things you would like to achieve is the true freedom.

Whether in a coffee shop or pigging out in a smorgasbord, God wants us to enjoy and be happy with all the food He prepares for us.   It is for us to choose which and how much of each we are going to take in that we think is gentle enough to our gut but will still keep us going and not hogtie us into the bed of illness.

Don’t let the feast lane be your ticket to get in the fast lane of sickness.

To be able to live, love, and eat is the freedom that changes my whole being to its well-being, a manifestation of what my God has done in my life.

Over Thinking – Intimate Relationship Between Our Brain And Gut

A disturbed digestive tract forewarns the brain, such as a disturbed mind forewarns the intestine.




There’s so much mystery to unfold with our brain and gastrointestinal system, how intimately they are connected.  The pain of the gut is the pain of both.  So it is imperative to consider the food that we will feed our body because that food is a crucial factor that will bring health to both our brain and gut.


Processed Foods

Are you aware that your favorite processed foods are full of bad fats, sugars, preservatives, and additives?   Of course, with our busy world, it is very convenient to just grab any processed food on the shelf without considering what impact it would make in your health. This processed food will ruin the balance of bad and good bacteria in your gut and can lead to inflammation, colitis, aches and pains, allergies, depression, acne, and many more health problems.

The next time you pass by the food section, avoid picking up processed food.


Eat Probiotics

Choosing foods rich in probiotics, such as yogurt, fermented vegetables, kefir, and sauerkraut can boost not just your mood but your gut’s health as well.  Probiotics are helpful bacteria that mostly line your intestine and are in charge of absorbing the nutrient and supporting the immune system.


Culinary Herbs

Herbs produce pleasant smells that heal our bodies inside out.  The aroma that the plant releases is their immune system fighting the microbial attacks and that same essential oils (smells) from these herbs help us fight infection and inflammation.

There’s more to herbs than making our meals interesting. They keep the harmful effects of flora away.




Consider Healthy Fats

Fats have always been feared by many and considered as their enemy.   What most people are not aware of is that there are healthy fats that we can include in our diet that are friendly to our digestive system and are essential for brain development.  Take for instance the high amounts of antioxidants found in olive oil which protect cells from damage.  It also improves memory and cognitive function, and even serves as an anti-inflammatory.  Avocado is another source of healthy fats that protects our heart as it helps with digestion and an excellent choice for enlightening our mood.  Nuts and seeds, salmon, and tuna are also a great source of these healthy fats.


Sesame Seeds

Dietary fiber in sesame seeds helps your bowel movement.   Regular bowel movement prevents you from developing hemorrhoids and also colon cancer.  The amino acid in sesame seeds boosts the brain’s dopamine levels, also enhancing the feel-good hormone to reach its state of maximum activity as it balances out the others.

When feeling depressed and constipated, think of Open Sesame!



A small plate of nuts such as cashews, walnuts, and almonds contain serotonin, an important chemical neurotransmitter that makes the body feel good, affecting mood, behavior, appetite, digestion, memory, sexual desire and function, and sleep.

The next time you feel down, boost that mood by nibbling on some nuts.



Mushrooms don’t only make our food taste great; there are also some health benefits we can get from ingesting these fungi.  White button mushrooms are rich in soluble fiber which are crucial to digestion.  The shiitake mushroom has been found useful in treating depression as it provides plenty of vitamin B6 which helps in producing serotonin and neurotransmitters, resulting in having a positive mood and naturally reducing stress.


Abstaining From Gluten

For some, off-putting gluten or having a low-gluten diet results in a positive effect on their gut microbiome, leading to better digestion and absorption of nutrients.  Many famous players in the food industry are considering gluten-free recipes in their market.  The old ways of soaking, sprouting and souring grains help us digest the hard to break down gluten, but this process has been long forgotten because of the fast and mass production food industry.

Try to bring back the past by making your food digestible and nutritious.




This article may not fully uncover the mystery behind the intimacy between our gut and mood, but it proves one thing, whatever we put in our mouth will dictate the health of our gut and our brain.  Stop overthinking. Instead, start being mindful that the health of one will benefit the other and the rest of our body.

Herbal Medicine For Ulcerative Colitis


Ulcerative colitis is an autoimmune disease of the colon, an inflammatory bowel disease that causes continuing inflammation and sores in the digestive tract affecting the internal layer of the large intestine and rectum.  It can be debilitating, and sometimes the complications can be life-threatening.

There is still no known cure for ulcerative colitis but treatment can lessen the signs and can even result in long-term quiescence of the disease.

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Top 5 Common Gastrointestinal Disorders



Gastrointestinal Disorders refer to the sicknesses that people may suffer because of some problems in their digestive tract. There are many reasons why certain individuals encounter these disorders. One of which is having an unhealthy lifestyle such as consuming foods that are low in fiber. At the same time, failure to perform some exercises and too much stress can also lead to functional disorders in the GI or gastrointestinal tract.


Check this list for the most common gastrointestinal disorders:


  1. Spastic Colon

The most common name for this kind of disorder is irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. Some experts also call it a disease involving an irritable colon. A person with IBS may experience abdominal cramps and pains or feel bloated. The spastic colon is a result of consuming foods that are not good for the person involved. Aside from this, a high level of emotional stress can also result in IBS especially when not treated in the early stage.


  1. Constipation




This refers to a situation wherein a person suffers to strain when it comes to his bowel movement. It is necessary to note that the body needs the right amount of nutrients to ensure that it will be kept safe from illnesses such as constipation. The common known cause of constipation is an inadequacy in fiber. This is the primary reason why it is good to increase the amount of fiber in one’s diet and to exercise on a regular basis.


  1. Internal Hemorrhoids

All anal openings of people have blood vessels inside it, which are called internal hemorrhoids.  The problem comes in when the hemorrhoids fall towards the anus because of straining and other related causes. When this happens, the inner hemorrhoids may be irritated. As a result, it may lead to bleeding that is not only highly inconvenient for the affected person but also extra painful. The best thing to do in this scenario is to get in touch with a professional doctor to get proper medication.


  1. Colon Cancer




Colorectal cancer is on the list of the top forms of cancer suffered by people in the United States. According to a recent study, around 130,000 Americans every year encounter this cancer. Luckily, this cancer is something that is curable primarily when it is detected in its early stages. All that a person needs to do is to participate in screening tests and check whether he or she has this kind of cancer. The disease may be curable with constant medication.


When it comes to gastrointestinal disorders, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is that its severity differs from one another. There are those that you cannot cure while others may be treated almost instantaneously. What matters now is that you are already aware of the top four common disorders in the gastrointestinal tract. As previously highlighted above, it is essential to choose a healthier lifestyle to avoid these illnesses. You also need to find time to become physically active for your good.



Common GI Problems Encountered By Workers


Work is essential to continue living, but it can also be as perilous as dying. The key to surviving life is to work to afford the demands of living adequately. People who are constantly working hard are motivated by their personal desires and wants in life – a house, car, travel and vacations, lifestyle and much more. Nonetheless, the human body is not an omnipotent that can withstand time and stress. Even though how sophisticated the machine is, there will ultimately come a time that it will reach its limits and will break down. If machines are prone to such situations, the human body is also capable of doing the same.

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Surgery Option – Da Vinci Surgical Procedure




Gastro diseases affect the digestive, respiratory and urinary system of our body.  Bacteria and viruses produced by gastro infections fight the healthy cells responsible for maintaining the normal function of the body.   When the virus attacks the system, it causes an imbalance of the healthy cells, making the body systems function abnormally.  The body then reacts in a way that causes you to feel sick.


Symptoms To Watch Out For

Gastro diseases are categorized into many known diseases.  Common symptoms of gastro diseases are as follows:

  • The feeling of being bloated in your stomach when you have not even eaten a large meal is a sign of acid reflux.
  • The urge to vomit after eating is also a factor commonly shown in gastro diseases.
  • The gurgling and rumbling of your stomach which gives you a stomach discomfort can be a threat next to having gastro diseases.
  • The sudden attacks of abdominal pain that are gravitating towards your back, weight loss and a nauseous feeling accompanied by tiredness are primary symptoms present in all gastro diseases.


Gastro diseases show more symptoms as they grow more severe. Your saliva may have an unusual form. This may be sticky and have an acidic like taste in your mouth. You may also experience an increased heart rate like when you are in a nervous state.  Presenting with multiple symptoms is a sign that you need to set up an appointment with your primary doctor.  These symptoms may range from mild discomfort to a severe, life-threatening illness.




Fear Of Undergoing Procedure

A life-threatening illness can happen to anyone with or without prevention.  The human body is prone when it comes to these diseases.  Diagnosing the disease especially gastro diseases as early as possible is the best way to find the cure.

The diagnosis is merely the first step; the second step is all about treating the disease.  Many of us are afraid of the second step; this may be surgical operations or necessary treatments out of our comfort zone.  Some are afraid because of the doubt that the procedure may go wrong and make the disease even worst.




Da Vinci Surgery, A Robot-Assisted Procedure 

Nowadays, medical operations/technologies are becoming more advanced and perfectly safe.  Their aim, of course, is to fight and cure deadly diseases known to us.

As one of the newest and advanced technologies in the field of surgery, the Da Vinci surgical procedure for the colon is an example of how doctors can safely treat colorectal diseases.   The success rate for this very type of procedure is quite high.  The method takes place in an operating room.  A highly-trained specialty surgeon operates the robot as he positions himself in a console where he controls the movement of the robot.  This robot allows the surgeon to perform tiny incisions flawlessly and remove part of the colon when performing colectomy with less risk of infections and less pain for the patient.


Though having this kind of surgery requires you to ask your physician, only you and your surgeon can decide if the da Vinci robotic surgery is the best treatment for you.  Da Vinci surgery is a top-rated method of treating different kinds of diseases.   It is accurately safe and is definitely ahead of our time.


The goal of developing a modern method primarily in a surgical procedure is to save lives.  The da Vinci robotic-assisted surgical procedure is one of the most popular and reliable of these advanced technologies that have successfully assisted worldwide in approximately 1.5 million different surgical procedures.

Healthy Eating For Kids And Teenagers


Tiredness during exams is the leading enemy of students. There are several reasons why you feel tired. It is either you have had a lot of projects to do the night before, so you have no choice but to sleep late. You have crammed and tried to learn all your lessons in one night. Or, you have a poor diet.

No, the last bit is not a typographical error. Your diet truly affects your school performance more than anything else.

To improve your life, you should remember the following ideas:

Eat Foods Rich In Iron And Vitamin B

Iron is the mineral in your blood that fights anemia, while vitamin B keeps your nerves healthy. If you consume foods that are rich in both, your brain cells can function well, and you can concentrate more on your studies. What are those foods rich in iron and vitamin B, you ask? Some of them are chicken, fish, beans, cereals, and practically any green and leafy vegetables. They are great in strengthening your memory, as well as keeping you fit.

Avoid Too Much Caffeine


When studying for a big exam, try to avoid too much caffeine. More than the adrenaline rush that coffee or tea can give you, you need your brain to work correctly while still getting the nutrients that your body needs. Therefore, drink milk or fruit juices instead.

Eat More Than 3x A Day

We are always told to eat thrice a day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – but the truth is that we need to eat 5-7 meals in one day (in moderation, of course). Take a small meal every 2-3 hours so that your stomach will always be sated, and you are getting enough nutrients to keep you and your brain energized throughout the day. The best snacks to have are fruits, especially when you are studying because they are packed with natural sugar, vitamins, and minerals that your body requires.

Drink Enough Water

There are people, specifically kids, who prefer to drink fruit juices because they are tastier than good old water, and their parents let them. In their mind, such fluids have water, too. Although that is true, drinking water in its most basic, tasteless form is essential to get rid of the toxins within your body. You can alternate juices, milk, and water, but water should still be more dominant.


As a student, you do not have to go to the gym and spend hours there because then you will not have enough time to study. Before studying and having your dinner, you can walk within the premises of your home or visit your mom’s plants in the garden for some time. This way, you can digest your dinner faster. You can also study better when you exercise because working out keeps your brain awake and your muscles more relaxed.

Final Thoughts


Kids and teenagers alike need to learn how to eat healthy foods early. After all, it is one habit that you should be able to bring to adulthood to ensure that you will be free from illnesses.

Good luck!